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Fez Guided Tour Description:

Fes Luxury Tours warmly welcomes you to be part of the most interesting tours in Morocco. Fez Medina walking tour provides you with the chance to explore the oldest and the first imperial city in Morocco.

Our professional team will pick you up from your accommodation in a luxury car. During this journey, you will be guided to visit the most prominent sites and monuments that Fez offers.

The tour is programmed to visit the famous Royal Palace where you will get to see the giant doors that are made of cooper, Mosaic, small pieces of tiles and marble.

The journey continues to visit:

-The Jewish Quarter which was founded in the 17th century

-Chouara Tanneries where you will see how leather is made and coloured.  

-The traditional souks including Attarin, Najjarin and Seffarin fountains

-The beautiful Al-Batha palace and army Museum

-The Medrasas (Koranic schools that were founded in the 13th century).

-Bab Boujloud (the main gate to the Fez Medina).

While you are strolling through this authentic city, you will see many craftsman, shops and ancient buildings. Narrow streets and old buildings which show the culture of the city which goes back to the 14th century.

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